If I do Centering do I have more prenatal visits?
You do not usually attend more prenatal visits. Rather, you will follow a typical prenatal schedule and have around ten Centering group visits. Those visits, however, will each last around two hours giving you more time to learn, answer questions, and get to know your healthcare team.

How many providers will I see if I do Centering?
Typically you will be assigned to one Centering group and that group will have one primary provider. Towards the end of your pregnancy you will alternate between Centering visits and routine visits This will give you the opportunity to meet our other wonderful providers!

How many people will be at each Centering visit? Can I bring people with me?
Each Centering group typically has around 8-10 patients. You can bring a significant other, friend, or family member with you. It is a great opportunity for them to learn and be a part of your care and pregnancy.

How will I make sure my privacy is protected?
At the first Centering group visit everyone will sign a HIPPA form so as to ensure confidentiality. There will also be a private space for you to be evaluated and discuss concerns.

Why do Centering?
Centering has numerous benefits. Patients have more time to speak with their providers, greater opportunities to build friendships within their community, comprehensive education, and most importantly, better outcomes for mom and baby!

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