What is CenteringPregnancy?

The CenteringPregnancy program is a method of prenatal care that takes women out of routine examination rooms and into a supportive group setting.

Groups initiate at 16 weeks and contain around 8 women and their partners. These same groups continue to meet regularly throughout the pregnancy as well as into the postpartum period.

Centering sessions provide a multitude of benefits and have been shown to improve birth outcomes, patient satisfaction, patient empowerment and learning, self care techniques and provide wonderful opportunities for support and friendship among members.

These groups are held in an open and relaxed environment where women are free to discuss their excitements and worries. Often, several expecting mothers will have similar thoughts and it is reassuring to know they are not alone. Refreshments and snacks are provided at the end of each group, closing the meeting in a reflective and enjoyable manner.

CenteringPregnancy is an excellent model of care and Chesapeake Women’s Health is honored to be the first practice to offer this in our community.

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